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Teens & Adults

Expressive Therapies

Sand Tray & Symbol Work

While many of our experiences are shared, our responses to them are unique. The expressive therapies studio offers a wide range of stimulus material to support your natural intelligences and strengths.

An expressive therapist will follow your innate drive towards wholeness via your unique expression of yourself.

Person Centered Approach

A person centred, non-directive approach. You are an expert on yourself and intuitively hold the key to your own solutions and direction.


The counselling relationship  facilitates a process of self direction and empowerment, with trust in your natural capacity and capability for growth.

"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination."

(Carl Rogers 1960’s)

Individual Counselling

Your counsellor will work with you on the most appropriate therapeutic pathway to suit you and your situation.

Drawing from a diverse range of theory and practice such as:


Expressive Therapies & Symbol Work

(Carl Jung 1930s) (Dora Kalff) 1960s

ACT- Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
(Steven Hayes)1980’s (Russ Harris)

SFT - Solution Focused Therapy
(Steve De Shazer & Insoo Kim Berg)

late 1970s

Narrative Therapy

(David Epston & Michael White) 1980’s

Symbol shelves.jpg

“Each psyche has a natural inbuilt intelligent

movement towards wholeness.
We call this ‘the inner healer’.”

(Pearson & Wilson)
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