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Sandplay & Expressive Therapies


Sandplay & Expressive Therapies can provide a safe way of working with trauma and release strong emotions that are so often at the core of negative behaviour patterns. This experiential and holistic way of working allows for non-verbal exploration of issues, providing the opportunity for real and lasting healing and inner resources to emerge.


It can take time to build trust and rapport. We work alongside children by matching their pace and timing, with respect for their level of willingness to participate in the therapeutic relationship. We also work alongside them as a companion and co-regulator in the therapeutic process and the expression of their thoughts, ideas and feelings.


This approach, and the studio setup, allows children to express and build on their experience and relationships in a developmental and age appropriate way. 

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  • Opportunity to understand and process strong emotions and traumatic situations

  • Develop skills to self regulate and resolve problems

  • Make sense of situations

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Enhance self esteem, awareness and confidence 

  • Improve communication skills and language development.

  • Increase ability to participate in healthy relationships and everyday living/tasks.

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"The natural state of energy and emotions is

movement, expansion and creation."

Pearson & Wilson
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