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Family/Relationship    Counselling

Working alongside each other as a couple or family can help build awareness around each individual’s place and sense of belonging.


Family members can gain new insight and empathy for other perspectives, preferences, and responses. 


Greater insight into individual response patterns within relationship dynamics supports the building of new strategies to help improve cooperative and harmonious living.

Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy provides parents/caregivers with experience and training in basic play therapy techniques. These techniques can be used with their own children in play therapy sessions together, supported sessions at home, and in everyday life situations. 

This therapeutic approach facilitates long term and lasting change into the home, with ongoing support and supervision as needed from trained therapists and support workers.




Training Programs

In carefully selected small group settings, we enable the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences within a safe and nurturing environment.


Parents, carers, support workers, teachers can become agents of change for the children in their care.


You will be supported individually with self-care and self-empathy. You will also develop your empathic awareness and attunement to children's feelings, behaviours and needs.

fam fil and exp

The unexpected journey, being supported to deal with my own 'stuff,' that naturally comes out through the Filial process. Feeling how my child feels when taken to therapy, the uncomfortable and the unknown, has helped me to understand, to listen and respect their needs. It has been life changing and has helped set me on my pathway to healing and growing.”

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