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Play Therapy

A non-directive, child-centred method of therapy that helps children communicate their inner experiences through the use of Toys, Therapeutic Relationship and Safe Environment.

"Play is their language, and

toys are their words." (Garry Landreth)


Expressive Therapies

A client directed, experiential, relationship based approach that works with the body and emotions towards healing and growth. 


The Expressive Therapies Studio provides access to a diverse choice of symbols and materials that can support children’s natural verbal and non-verbal expression.

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Sand Play Therapy

The free and protected space within the contained world of the sand tray can support children to safely explore their internal world.


The therapeutic relationship provides space for non-verbal empathic communication and healing.

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“Love is the only medicine that can heal

the wounds of the world.”

Mata Amrintandamayi
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